Easter Workshops

Thurs 12th & Fri 13th April
10-12:30pm or 1:30-4pm
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Get creative over the Easter holidays with our range of media, games and music workshops.

The workshops are all based around the new courses we are offering in September. Each 2.5 hour session will give you a practical taster, along with the chance to meet like-minded young people, chat to tutors and see our facilities. They are for anyone aged 14-24 years.

What's on offer...

The workshop availability and time vary between centres. Fill out the form below to see what is available in your centre. 

Video Production
Working to a script, you will set up and direct a video in a green screen studio, resulting in raw footage that will later be edited and processed in the Animation/VFX workshop.
Digital Marketing
Create assets and a campaign for a social media channel, such as Instagram, using iMacs and Creative Cloud.
Animation & VFX
Using our state-of-the-art PCs and film editing software, you will explore the use of green screen footage to create a video with computer-generated graphics.
Event Production
Working as part of a team you will set up sound and lights for a small in-house event hosted in the centre’s dedicated performance theatre.
Explore the world of songwriting in this practical session where you will develop rhythm, melodies and lyrical ideas to create a song by the end of the session.
Games Production
Create a game in a state-of-the-art game engine, making use of your own creativity and our specialised equipment.
Digital Media 
Step into our iMac suite, to learn about the basics of interactive web design and create a website.