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Our college courses are assessed via coursework-based vocational qualifications rather than exam-based GCSEs and A Levels.

Coursework assessment is much more relevant to the world of work, in that most jobs are be based around completion of tasks and projects. You don’t study and sit exams as part of your job.

Our college courses are assessed by the following qualifications:

  • RSL Music Practitioners: Levels 2 and 3
  • BTEC Creative Digital Media Production: Levels 2 and 3
  • BTEC Production Arts: Level 3
  • BTEC Workskills: Level 1
  • RSL Creative Practitioners: Level 4


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What equals what?

Our college course qualifications and courses are available at the following levels:

  • Level 1: low GCSE equivalent (grades 1-3).
  • Level 2: GCSE equivalent (grades 4-9)
  • Level 3: A Level equivalent
  • Level 4: first year of a degree
How courses
are assessed

All courses involve the completion of topic-based units.

These assess your skills in one specific aspect of your chosen subject.

Each qualification has a set of core, or mandatory units, which you must successfully complete, and a set of option units.

Your options will  normally be set by your Programme Study Manager, but there may be opportunities to take alternative or additional units through negotiation.

How your
work is marked

Most units are assessed by your course tutors.

However, some qualifications have a set of externally-assessed units which are marked by a representative of the awarding body.

These units will normally be delivered within a given time frame and may involve some online exam-based content. You must successfully complete these units to pass certain courses.

How your
work is graded

Each unit and qualification is graded according to a scale of Pass, Merit and Distinction.

There is a big difference between the value of these grades.

For example, for a Level 3 Extended Diploma (A Level standard), a Pass grade is worth one A Level, while a Distinction is worth 3 A Levels.

What you will get

Level 3 qualifications generate UCAS points so that you can progress to university. The number of points you will get will depend upon your grade:

  • Pass: 48 points
  • Merit: 96 points
  • Distinction: 144 up to 168 points

You will need to check what the entry requirements are for the degree courses you are interested in.

Degree qualifications

We work with carefully-selected higher education partners to deliver a range of creative degree courses. Our current partners are:


Birmingham City University

We deliver two fast-track music degrees in Birmingham in partnership with BCU. The university accredits the courses and students have access to their city centre facilities.


Nottingham Trent University

We are currently establishing a partnership with Nottingham Trent University for the delivery of music and media foundation and full degrees at selected locations across the country.