success story Beth McCarthy

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Not many people can say that they have had a song featured in an Idris Elba film or that their song was chosen for a Worldwide Breast Cancer awareness campaign. However, Beth McCarthy can.

Beth is a singer/songwriter who studied Level 3 Music Performance at Access York. She appeared on the The Voice in front of 10 million people back in 2014 and was mentored by Kaiser Chief’s frontman, Ricky Wilson.

In 2016, whilst working with producers in London, she decided to record a stripped back cover of the song Streets of London by Ralph McTell and pitch it to the directors of 100 Streets, starring Idris Elba. The producers decided, not just to feature it in the film, but to have it as the official song.

Her song Lemonade was chosen as the official song for the breast cancer awareness campaign Know Your Lemons. The campaign is based around a colourful visual image that’s purpose is to help women understand what to look for and be aware of, in a friendly and simple way.

Beth is currently in the process of finish her new album and has just started her UK tour – so watch this space!



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BETH performs Streets of London for the film 100 streets